User experience design is the discipline of creating a useful and usable Internet web page or application that’s easily navigated and meets the needs of the web page owner and its users. There’s much more to successful UX design than knowing the up to date Internet technologies or design trends: It takes diplomacy, management skills, and business savvy. That’s where the up to date edition of this essential book comes in. With new information on design principles, mobile and gestural interactions, content strategy, remote research tools and more, you’ll discover ways to:

  • Recognize the more than a few roles in UX design, identify stakeholders, and enlist their support
  • Obtain consensus from your team on project objectives
  • Understand approaches such as Waterfall, Agile, and Lean UX
  • Define the scope of your project and keep away from mission creep
  • Conduct user research in person or remotely, and document your findings
  • Understand and keep up a correspondence user behavior with personas
  • Design and prototype your application or site
  • Plan for development, product rollout, and ongoing quality assurance

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