Today we be capable of connect speech, touch, haptic, and gestural interfaces into products that engage several human senses at once. This practical book explores examples from current designers and devices to describe how these products blend more than one interface modes together into a cohesive user experience.

Authors Christine Park and John Alderman give an explanation for the basic principles in the back of multimodal interaction and introduce the tools you want to root your design in the ways our senses shape experience. This book also includes guides on process, design, and deliverables to lend a hand your team get began.

The book covers several topics within multimodal design, including:

  • New Human Factors: learn the way human sensory abilities allow us to interact with technology and the physical world
  • New Technologies: explore probably the most technologies that enable multimodal interactions, products, and capabilities
  • Multimodal Products: examine different categories of products and learn the way they deliver sensory-wealthy experiences
  • Multimodal Design: learn processes and methodologies for multimodal product design, development, and release

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