This book is for organisations starting their UX journey. It’ll help to address the basics such as defining what UX is; the importance of research; how UX is a process and not a job title; and where business value comes from bettering efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction. There is practical guidance for building a business case and identifying the key investments required in people and process to be able to bring about the change needed to deliver success. Implementing UX is delivered to life through the UX Lifecycle, a methodology framework that used to be born out of real life successes. At the heart of the UX process is an important stakeholder – the user! Clive and Jeremy have helped businesses from start-ups to enterprises derive value from UX. Whilst running their own UX consultancy they created and applied the UX Lifecycle. Since then they’ve both continued to grow their knowledge through implementing UX solutions and learning from others. This book will answer the questions that they’ve been asked over and over again by businesses seeking to embrace and leverage UX.
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